provide professional Portuguese<>English interpreting services anywhere in the world.

9 years of bridging cultural and linguistic differences.




Interpreter training 

Credentials and professional highlights:

  • Conference interpreter (Intérprete de conferência, reuniões e negócios)

  • Qualified Federal Court Interpreter for the US District Courts of Arizona and Texas (Intérprete da Justiça Federal do Texas e do Arizona)

  • Provisionally State Court Interpreter (Intérprete da Justiça Estadual da Flórida)

  • Qualified Immigration Interpreter - USCIS (Intérprete do Serviço de Cidadania e Imigração dos EUA)

  • Qualified Immigration Court Interpreter (Intérprete do Juízo de Imigração)

  • Certified Healthcare/Medical Interpreter (Intérprete certificada na área da saúde/médica)



lá! I'm Flávia Lima. I am a passionate Portuguese and English translator and interpreter born and raised in Brazil. I have assisted thousands of clients to communicate in diverse settings during my 9 years of working as a language service provider.

Why do I love interpreting and translation so much? Well, I'm a language nerd. I received a B.A. in English & Literature from Centro Universitário de Barra Mansa (UBM) and a Graduate Diploma in English<>Portuguese Translation from Universidade Estácio de Sá, both Brazilian universities. I also have a Master's of Conference Interpreting from Glendon College - York University, an AIIC accredited interpreting program.

Additionally, I am a Core Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CoreCHI), a Provisionally Approved State Court Interpreter in the State of Florida and a Professionally Qualified Interpreter for USCIS,  for the Immigration Courts (EOIR) and for the US District Courts of Texas and Arizona.


Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your specific needs and, how my translations, transcription, and interpreting services can help you communicate and get the language access that you need.


We cover the following areas with our court interpreting services in the State of Florida. We also travel worldwide anytime, anywhere.


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